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Monday, April 30, 2012

Annual Student Exhibition: With Guest Juror David Horvitz

It is time again for the annual student show here at SNC, and this year our guest juror is David Horvitz. David is a Brooklyn-based water color painter, photographer, and performance artist. He is known for his DIY instructional projects, including some work on the Wikipedia website.

Along with the student work displayed in the gallery, David has been working on his own project to collaborate with those works.  A piece from each artist had been taken around the Lake Tahoe area and photographed somewhere. The coordinates of the location in which the photo was taken had been noted and are plotted on a map of the lake. You can view this on the Flickr page where they have been geo-tagged here.

When walking into the gallery one would easily notice that it's not in any sort of a "typical" set-up. There are images hanging from the ceiling, ceramic pieces on the floor, and even a photograph displayed outside the gallery itself. The reason for this being that the work was placed in a similar way to the location in which the work was taken to be photographed. Almost as if the map of Tahoe were super-imposed onto the gallery floor.

During the talk David was asked how he went about jurying the show and if his choices of letting some pieces in affected other pieces that got in. David was also asked about his own work and how social media can play into it. A lot of his projects happen online and this is also how he does his advertising and spreads the word about his work.

To view some of the projects he shared with us click here: Pinocchio video, Bas Jan Ader film241543903.

To see David's website click here and Wikipedia page click here.

Make sure to stop by and see the work in, and around, the gallery! Work will be up through graduation.

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