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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jessica Hayworth BFA - Every Night a New Ghost

  "I'm interested in what happens to a prominent thought when it’s not in use, because thoughts never seem to leave us or go anywhere; they tend to rise up from somewhere and then sink back to somewhere. And that got me wondering about the subterranean mental space that thoughts could occupy." Jessica -opening reception for Every Night a New Ghost

Jessica's multiple images and simple line quality of the voice from the depth of the hole  reference her long interest in graphic novels and story telling. While we (desperately) want to know who or what is in the hole, it is not important - it is more an indefinable space. These images are in contrast with the rich, velvety drawings that seem to explore and grasp at memory,perception and interpretation- those things that become faulty over time.  Two large, neutral colored paintings oscillate between graphic simplicity and the unanchored, ghostly quality of the graphite, echoing our need to understand and resolve the occupant of the hole. 
All the imagery speaks to trying to peek into those places we can't fully know about- our anxieties, fear, death, the soul- ultimately with a sense of humor....

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