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Monday, April 23, 2012

Glen Cheriton- BFA presentation images

I'm posting Glen's presentation images in conjunction with the other great pictures that are in the previous post.

Much of Glen's work and presentation was a discussion of the fine line between art and science. The meticulous documentation of his work is as much apart of the show, as the show itself. So much of science is the documentation of process. So much of Glen's art is the experimentation of process- mutual dependence, action and influence- reciprocity, the title of Glen's blog.

I think I was most caught up in the discussion of time. I have always had a strictly linear view of time- like many, I imagine. Our society and relationships and experiences operate on the premise of past, present and future. However, recently I have come to view time, or emotions in time as being something far more fluid and cyclical in nature. The idea of a linear quality to time is perhaps a construct to deal with the emotional nature of existence.  
Glen's time lapse photo of the stars (below) gives time an orbit. The images of stars that exist now to us, are potentially long gone. The 16mm film reel loops, no beginning, no end. The cup exists always as matter is exists infinitely. 
In the words of Carl Sagan, a 'humbling and character-building experience'.

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