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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soldner Site

Sheri put together a website for the show she's curating in honor of the late Paul Soldner:

This exhibition is intended to honor Paul Soldner who was a great mentor inspiring so many successful ceramists. As one of the founding fathers of contemporary ceramics, and Raku, Paul was not only a teacher to so many, but a life changer. His work ethic and lifestyle influenced and forever changed everyone he met, from students, colleagues, and friends. Paul taught by example, as he worked alongside of his students in the Scripps College studio and at an endless number of workshops worldwide. Often when asked how he thought some technique would work, he would respond, “Try it, and let me know what happens”. His encouragement by example, boundless interest in the experimentation and open lifestyle freed a new generation of ceramic artists to explore the unknown and live life to its fullest.

More info here:

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