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Friday, March 4, 2011

Flash Mobbed

Via Leroy Hardy, here's a video of SNC's first flash mob. As you can tell by the thorough video coverage, it was perhaps the least surreptitious flash mob in flash mob history. But it was a fun intervention in the ordinary cafeteria hubbub.

This is probably an admission of how out of the loop I am, but I had no idea that we had an actual life-sized mascot on campus. My sources tell me it's a mystery who's in the suit. Which means I will have to suppress and urge to tackle and unmask him (her?) next time Eli makes a public appearance.


  1. Wait, does SNC have a dance team now?

  2. No, this was less formal than that. Though Kristin will be teaching a "Contemporary Performance" class next semester that will involve dance. Too bad you've graduated, B, you probably would've dug it.