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Friday, March 4, 2011

Christchurch Coping

Victoria Buck, whose BFA show is coming up shortly, grew up in Christchurch. So of course the news of the earthquake has been weighing on her, and by extension, on all of us who know her. Via, I read a short comic strip on the quake by a New Zealand author and cartoonist, Sarah Laing. Click here to read the whole thing (the page includes links to relief organizations).

Victoria also sent along a link that's a fine example of using humor to cope with adversity -- some Christchurch residents who are selling "Rocky," the giant boulder that crashed into their home, on the NZ equivalent of ebay:

For sale 1 owner 25 - 30 tonne landscape feature (answers to the name Rocky) ...

He is in pristine condition (just a little bit of concrete dust). Suitable for garden feature, or as in our case a magnificent addition to your living area.

Rocky will enhance your "indoor outdoor" flow considerably, especially if you load him in through the garage roof like we did.

More pictures, and more on "Rocky" (including the opportunity to bid) can be found here. Proceeds go to earthquake relief for Christchurch.

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