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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

let there be

I'll have more to say about this show in the future, but wanted to post a quick note about the Leo Villareal show that just opened at the Nevada Museum of Art. I'm going to try to run a field trip to it for my current "Art & Advertising" class -- we'll soon be doing a project around projecting images onto non-traditional surfaces, and I think the show will be an inspiring point of reference. It's also pertinent in the way it translates visual operations you'd normally associate with advertising, and moves them into a "fine art" space. It's actually very appropriate that this show is running a few blocks from downtown Reno, where animated light is put to different ends (and on an even grander scale).

It's the first art show that my daughter Julia has attended. She seemed to dig it. If ayone out there is on Reno for the spring break, you should check it out. The show runs through May 22.

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