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Friday, February 19, 2010

Infrastructure Alert

Instructor Rick Parsons installed his latest gallery show this past weekend:

Image: Haight & Masonic, 2010
36” x 60” latex paint on tar paper

Tar Paper Paintings
by Rick Parsons
at Santa Clara University
Department of Art & Art History

February 16 – March 19, 2010
Reception February 24, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Art Department Gallery
Gallery Hours 9-5 M-F

If you have a disability and require reasonable accommodation
please contact 408-554-5483

Below are some pics he took. Looking at them I was reminded of a scene from the documentary "Crumb," about cartoonist R. Crumb. Crumb has an anthropologist's eye for all the urban/suburban visual clutter that we mentally edit out of our vision -- the powerlines and various metallic doohickeys that cluster like barnacles on utility poles. He gathers photographic reference for them, because he finds them impossible to draw from memory. They're ubiquitous, but they most likely exist in your mind's eye as a sort of vague, lumpy blur. Unless you're a utility worker -- or unless you're Rick.

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