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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GoPro or Go Home!

I have been searching around for an all purpose video camera that will get the job done! I was looking for a camera that I could use for a variety of things; including ski filming, video projects for school, animation projects, and obviously recording random life occurrences that will pile up on youtube and never be watched. After a bit of research, I was stoked to come across this mini treasure loaded with perks.

The camera itself is called the HD Hero which is made by the company GoPro. Its a super compact, high definition, (1080p) SDCH flash memory, video camera. The camera itself is tiny considering it has a battery, memory card slot, LCD screen, and 170 degree wide angle lens all in one small unit. The fully waterproof housing for the camera allows you to mount it in a ton of different places. This video camera also doubles as a 5 MP still shot camera. One of the modes lets you shoot in timed intervals, making time-lapses too easy.

There are a couple of quick edits that my friends and I put together with my GoPro along with the link to the web-site for more info and sample videos. This guy is awesome!

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