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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Logan sees the future, and is disappointed by the present

Student Logan Lape was recently on CNN international, talking about the iPad. He won a contest hosted by Gizmodo to visualize what the iPad might look like, long before it was actually released. Check out the video, in which he manages to give his dorm room a certain minimalist ambiance as a backdrop. I've heard rumor the satellite hookup consisted of little more than a can and a very long piece of string, though the details have yet to be confirmed.

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  1. Chris, this is TOTALLY the kind of news we want to write about in the Eagle's Eye. Promise me you will let me know when something like this happens again! I was looking for story ideas and hopped on over here to the SNC Art blog. Glad I did. Expect one of the student reporters to get in touch with you soon... Any time a student does something noteworthy (like getting on CNN International and/or winning a contest), that is news! You art folk like keeping these special students to yourself, don't you;)