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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maurice Sendak 1928- 2012

Sadly Maurice Sendak died- best known probably for his book, 'Where the Wild Things Are'. He  has written and/or illustrated more than 100 books during his career. He was also a very charismatic and articulate when talking about his life and work. Posted are two interviews that played on National Public Radio. The first was in 2003 and delves into his younger memories which inform a lot of his writing for children. He has been described as transforming children's literature as he addressed the 'psychological intensity of growing up'. (2003 interview)
The second interview is from 2011. The interview initially sets out to talk about his latest and last book, Bumble-ardy but ends up in reverie. Just a warning, it's a tear jerker but worth while listening to. (2011 interview)

(Thanks Chris for introducing us to his interviews)

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