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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bill Gilbert - Physiocartographies Interview

Bill Gilbert's show Physiocartographies is hanging in the Tahe Gallery through October 14th. Here's a short description of the show: Using a GPS unit and a compass, New Mexico-based artist Bill Gilbert attempts to walk carefully pre-determined routes in both space and time across landscapes in the American West. His carefully-made plans are invariably disrupted by the realities of terrain and the limitations of the human body. In the tradition of British artists such as Richard Long and Chris Drury, Gilbert's "Physiocartography" performances chart the distance between the map and the terrain, and are documented in drawings, video, and audio recordings.

I had a chance to interview Bill the night of the reception -- click on the audio file below to give it a listen. You can see photos of the Physiocartographies in the slideshow below that. It was a real pleasure to talk to him -- he's a hyperarticulate person with a lot of fascinating things to say about our world, and the ways we orient ourselves to it.

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