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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog Migration

I've done some updating of links on the righthand side of this page, trying to get up to speed with art blogs by some our our alumni. I hope that this blog can serve as a hub for readers to keep up on students both present and past. Here is a sampling of material that has appeared on the blogs of graduated students, after having bid the SNC campus adieu:

I've also added a couple blogs by alumni that I probably should have added to the blogroll a while ago -- from Brittany Sterling, Alexandra Rubio and Mickey Ross. If there's any other student, past or present, whose art blog I should be linking to, let me know and I'll roll them in.

Lastly, this isn't a blog, but a current student directed me to a small online portfolio of some work by Jeff Calhoun, who went on from SNC to enroll in a graduate program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Here's a sample of what's he's been working on lately -- click here for more.

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