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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hazel Halloween

If you're looking for some seasonally appropriate reading tonight, after appeasing the diminutive ghouls at your doorstep, you can profitably head over to Arbogast on Film, a fine horror movie blog that celebrates October with the feature "31 Screams" -- for each day of the month, Arbogast writes about a memorable horror-movie scream, with a liberal amount of mouth-agape or teeth-bared screencaps. (It should probably go without saying that, since horror movies are known to feature gruesome and disreputable subject matter, the blog sometimes features images that might not be quite SFW)

One post this October actually has a small connection to the art collection of SNC. In the TCES building there's a sculpture by Hazel Court, who moved to Incline in 1999 (and who sadly passed away in 2008). Before becoming a painter and sculptor, Court was an actress who starred in several of Roger Corman's horror films -- including "Premature Burial," which features a scene of graveyard screaming that Arbogast saw fit to memorialize, as it were.

I'll have a future blog post on Court and her sculpture, but couldn't let Halloween pass without a brief tip of the Jack-O-Lantern.

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