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Friday, April 30, 2010

New York: The City That Never Sleeps. (We didn’t sleep much, either.)

The City That Never Sleeps

Celebrity: "Hey Ladies"

Subway's Blur (Featuring Gabor and Jill)

Walking, walking, walking, subway, walking, walking, art, art,
walking, art, walking.
Times Square. Brighter at night than during the day. Illumination from
billboards telling us what we need to be fulfilled.
Central Park. The only place with true green, that of nature.
Daffodils pushing their way up, reminding us that life does exist
within the dirt. It is not all a concrete jungle.
Art museums. One after another. So many, you forget what you’ve seen,
and what you’ve dreamt. Beauty resting on a wall in front of you:
unreal to the senses. Everything becomes breathtaking and fantasy-esque.
Celebrities, living life. Bums, trying to get by. Musicians, trying to
make it. Tourists, enjoying life and the sights.
Gypsy cabs: be wary of those.
Broadway, opera, jazz clubs, & talent. Talent over flowing every
street corner and alleyway.
New York City: people, everywhere. The City That Never Sleeps.
Why would you want to? There is far too much to absorb to ever shut
your eyes.

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