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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All a game

A few gaming-related links today. First off, I'd like to point readers to another SNC student blog, "Baron's Gaming Blog," maintained by Computer Science student Tyler Baron, located here:

Tyler has been making weekly posts about aspects of video game design -- his latest post was a critique of several cutscenes, and he's also looked at voice acting, the difference between "homage" and "ripoff," the way art direction can support or subvert gameplay, and several other topics. Anyone interested in the thinking process behind effective game design (or in its inverse, the "non-thinking process behind ineffective game design") would be well-advised to check it out. He has a pleasingly snarky style that makes for an amusing read.

There is also a visiting artist lecture this afternoon at UNR, by Eddo Stern, an artist who has used video games as both subject and production tool. It's at 4pm -- click on the below flyer for a larger version with all the pertinent info. It promises to be a fascinating talk.

Stern's website is

Lastly, I recently came across the below video by someone who goes under the youtube handle "fluxlasers." He has used the user-generated content capabilities of the videogame Little Big Planet to recreate the first film in Matthew Barney's Cremaster cycle. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of Barney's work, but seeing his video-game influenced white elephant art literally re-imagined as a video game makes me feel a bit more warmly toward it.

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