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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Soundtrack to Life

All the interesting studio classes the art dept. has to offer have been consuming much of my time here at SNC. This semester I have had to step away from the studio and get some of those core classes and mandatory assignments done. Being removed from the studio atmosphere has shifted my interests a bit and played a role in my search for new art. With the convenience of looking music up on Youtube and new flow of music from Pandora I find that the availability of vast amounts of streaming music is endless. I love thinking about how vast this availability will be in the near future. The amount of availability is not limited to any one genre either. From rock to reggae, and electronic to hip-hop, it seams as though all music is being rediscovered in a more adaptive online environment. I have seen some unusual blends of genres that I never thought would sound good together as well.

At the moment I have been working and spending time with images of personal musical influences. I find that as a child I never really put names to faces in regards to listening to music. In working with images of artists I listen to their music simultaneously and it creates a much more personal listing experience. I'm also spending a lot of time breaking down that personal experience. I guess it all comes back to the moment when a really good song comes on and all you are thinking is, " this is my jam!"

A couple artists that I have always liked include:

BassNectar, Deadmau5, Girl Talk, Matisyahu, Ratatat, and Slightly Stoopid.

Some new artists that I Have recently discovered and recommend browsing threw:

Andre Nickatina, Animal collective, Eek-A-Mouse, Kid Cudi, Poor Righteous Teachers, and Rusted Root.

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