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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Field Trip Course

Hey all,

Lots of people have been asking, so I thought I would share the info about the new field trip course for the fall. As a bonus, this course will count towards the new Humanities and Art History minor!

The class is designed to help all kinds of students feel more comfortable around, and talk knowledgeably about, many kinds of art. We need some Fine Arts students in the class to think and talk, too! This class is a short course (6 weeks) and meets on Fridays and Saturdays (see schedule below), so it will work well for students who have full schedules already.

ARTH 112, Art Literacy (3 credits):
This introductory course can function as a stand-alone, entry-level presentation of art viewing skills accessible to both art majors and non-art majors. This class will present different set of introductory topics than ARTH301 AND ARTH302. There are no prerequisites.

Course Description: Art Literacy is a set of communication skills that broadens a person’s understanding of his/her world. This class will introduce the student to the basic skills needed for viewing and interpreting art, for writing and talking to others about art, and for putting art in a broader cultural and historical context. The course will be conducted through a series of five short field trips to museums, archaeological sites, and galleries in San Francisco, Reno, and Carson City over a six-week period. Some reading and reflective writing will enhance the student’s art viewing experience.
Course Fee: $150.

Course Schedule:
Students are required to attend 4 Tahoe Gallery openings on Thursday nights and write reflections.
Fri., Aug. 27 10-11:15am First Class meeting
Fri., Sept. 3 10-11:15am Class meeting
Fri., Sept. 10 10-11:15am Class meeting
Sat., Sept.11 All-day Field Trip (Reno)
Fri., Sept. 17 10-11:15am Class meeting
Sat., Sept.18 All-day Field Trip (Grimes Point Archaeological Site)
Fri., Sept. 24 10-11:15am Class meeting
Sat. Sept. 25 All-day Field Trip (San Francisco)
Fri., Oct. 1 10-11:15am Class meeting
Fri., Oct. 8 10-11:15am Class meeting
Sat. Oct. 9 All-day Field Trip (Carson City)
Fri., Oct. 15 10-11:15am Class meeting
Sat. Oct. 15 All-day Field Trip (San Francisco)
Fri., Oct. 22 10-11:15am Final Class Wrap-up

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