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Friday, August 21, 2009

"Print Your Pet" with Mary Kenny at Brickletown, Truckee, CA

A satisfied customer!

Some of the "Crafternooners" hard at work transferring their pet images to blocks to be printed.
Another satisfied really have a pet Ostrich?

One of the stars of "Crafternoon".....Tulip!

The star of the show.....our very own....Mary Kenny!

This is part of an ongoing Brickletown event that will happen on specific afternoons this fall. "Crafternoons" is brought to you by the members of the Brickletown square in Truckee, CA. Please stay tuned for more announcements for specific activities including....sewing afternoons, book-making, and other fun options. This is an exciting way to get to know the Truckee community, and learn new creative outlets.

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