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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Can you build a room inside of a room? "R.R. Smith" Installation!

I have to admit...I had my doubts..building a room in a one day?...but with many hours of physical man labor they pulled it off. And let's face it...I was probably more in the way than anything! haha

So....Here are some recent shots of Artist Pete Froslie and his crew..including Steve, Brother-Nick and Nick, and Dad. (I told them I would make sure their names made it into the show somehow.) It was great seeing them work together, obviously long-time friends/family and I am totally impressed at the results. Tomorrow the festivities will continue......

Come by the show "R.R. Smith" which runs from Aug. 24-Sept.25 with Closing Reception/artist lecture on Sept. 24th.

See more of Frosie's work at

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