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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dance Sketch

While Kristin's dancers, Anna and Patrick, were still in town, we went down 4th street looking for a good alley to shoot some video in. Kristin's been thinking of doing a dance video project -- this is some of the footage I shot, and J. did some shooting as well. This is just the dance/video equivalent of a sketch -- Patrick and Anna were improvising, sometimes bouncing off ideas suggested by Kristin. We'll see if any of the movement ideas or visual ideas get developed further. For me, it was interesting to see two performers who relate to each other very well feel their way through a variety of relationships, negotiating one moment to the next. The way the ambient sound related to the visuals was also pleasing. If trains never existed as a form of locomotion, some musician would've had to invent them as a form of instrumentation.


  1. extremely wierd....

  2. it was really amazing performance when i saw then at the UNR theater but wow it was interesting to see how there dancing worked with out the traditional setting. It made it much more intense. It's weird how the setting totally changed what i was looking at. when they were on the stage; music, lights and audience ... I knew I was looking at dance. But on the street i was not sure what i was looking at. But also very much liked it.