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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Review in the RN&R

Brad Bynum did a nice write-up of the "she'd hallucinate ghosts" show for the Reno News and Review. Instead of pasting the picture they used for the article, in which I think I look kinda goofy, here's a picture of one of the drawings for the show, as it was in process. I figured having an exhibit would be a good excuse to play with scale, but I don't have enough clear wall space to let me attack a larger scale with ease. Fortunately, I'd done some productive dumpster diving several months earlier, rifling though the industrial-size dumpster in the parking lot of Lowe's with the help of Jose Navarette, Debby Kajiyama, and my wife Kristin, back when we were collaborating on "The Mapping Project."

We were looking for big enough piece of cardboard that we could create a person-sized cardboard house on stage. We abandoned the cardboard house idea, but I held onto our prize catch: a giant cardboard box that had been used to ship a lobster tank for The Red Lobster (hence the inverted stenciled words "LOBSTER TANK" on the leftward flap of cardboard). The lobster tank box (along with the patience of my wife, who put up with the lobster-tank-box invasion of the family room for a series of weeks), was what made the large-format drawings feasible -- a clean and solid surface I could pin oversize sheets of paper to.

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