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Friday, October 24, 2008

Pictures at a Junior Portfolio Review

A partial list of subjects that were broached:

Photography as social interaction
The dearth of rain around Tahoe
The role of documentation in installation art
Art as cultural tourism
The gentrification of Truckee
Whether product photography is in fact a "gigantic muck"
How photographs can make you "remember" events that you never experienced
The extinction of the Neanderthals


  1. No, I assure you, he was only blinking. I thought of going with another pic, where Roger looks a bit less sleepy, but I didn't want to lose that feral snarl thing Kat has going on.

  2. What Chris....can't handle my intense Portfolio face?

  3. Handle it? Not only can I handle it, I love it. I'm going to practice my own Intense Portfolio face for next time.