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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tim O'Brien at Sierra Nevada College

The book "The Things They Carried," by author and Vietnam Veteran Tim O'Brien, was chosen as a community read at Sierra Nevada College. This short video documents O'Brien's visit to the university, and nearby Incline High School. The video includes excerpts from an interview conducted by Jason Paladino, a student writer for "The Eagle's Eye," the college newspaper, and a story told by O'Brien after a public lecture and conversation with author and Iraq Veteran Brian Turner, director of Sierra Nevada College's MFA Writing Program. The video was shot and edited by SNC students Nick Cahill and Trevor Jackson, in collaboration with Associate Professor of Digital Art Chris Lanier.

Here's the full Eagle's Eye Interview as a streaming audio file:

The full audio of O'Brien's lecture:

And the conversation between O'Brien and Brian Turner:

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