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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A New Inhabitant of the Parking Lot

A 1958 Streamline trailer has made its home behind the art building recently. A joint purchase between the department, Tahoe Gallery and Student Gallery Club, the trailer is destined to become a mobile gallery. Work has already begun on the project and if you are in the area this summer and interested in lending a hand you can find us on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons out in the parking lot. The interior had previously been gutted, but there is a bit of cleaning to be done on the interior walls, buffing and polishing on the exterior, flooring to be laid and other little fun projects.

No new project is complete without a fiasco though, right? Luckily we got that one checked off the list early on. In transporting the trailer up from Reno, we had a small issue with some door hinges that sent a decently sized hunk of aluminum (yes, the door) flying through the air alongside Hwy 395. We were able to toss it into my car and to the amazement of all there was nearly no damage at all. Above is a nice shot of the doorless trailer parked in the meadows alongside Mt. Rose. Classy huh?

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