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Friday, March 23, 2012

Jenny Robinson Prints at the CCAI Courthouse Gallery

The Capital City Arts Initiative is currently presenting prints by San-Francisco-based printmaker Jenny Robinson at the CCAI Courthouse Gallery in Carson City.

I interviewed Robinson and wrote an essay for the show – here's the intro paragraph:
The exhibition Elapsed in Time, featuring work by printmaker Jenny Robinson, has a genuine sense of majesty. The prints she has on display are large, most of them over 30 by 50 inches – much larger than the usual print. They command the space they are displayed in, showing off a real technical brio. For Robinson, the scale is mostly a matter of format meeting subject matter. The prints at the CCAI Courthouse Gallery display big, mostly neglected structures: Gasometers, highway underpasses, abandoned rollercoaster tracks, water towers. The structures are massive, but they are also, in the context of their environments, generally unnoticed – hidden either by design or by obsolescence. Robinson’s prints reveal how these giant structures appear after they have stopped being looked after, and stopped being looked at (of course, Robinson herself is still looking).

Read the rest here.

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