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Monday, February 27, 2012

Make yo' World GO PUFF !!

Heres a tiny little tease of the magical creations Ive seen these days around the west coast. It feels as if a second renaissance is well on the way even tho to a majority of the populace it might not be aware of it, people are radiating their love of life and the world thru vibrant colors that express our inner self. This rebirth of creativity is facing great growth - it goes hand in hand with the development of today's music scene with a stronger emphasis in the underground bass culture. Many artists can be seen year round at different events but the high season for the market comes with the large amount of music festivals around the country during summer.

 Its a pleasure to demonstrate here these artists who have taken fashion to new levels. Making one of a kind products they're able to create a unique style of clothing designs as well as other accessories. This is part of a response to a world overwhelmed with corporate commercialism of synthetic and many times booooringgg products that the mainstream offers. Instead they have created great networks of artists who share knowledge and skills to evolve all as one in a very creative and unique way. 

Evan Smith

Evan smith has dropped all aliases and can be found any where the seen has not seen, if u know what I mean. We are collaboratering on a movement that loves to break the boundaries of practicalia and part of the message is , "it's OK" I strive to let people be right, with their own thoughts beliefs and opinions. Society loves to tell people they are incorrect and that" I" know best so you are wrong and over looks the outrageously obvious... If it feels rite to U in ur universe, whats wrong with it? GO WITH IT! The sad fact is people let them selfs be stuck, hindered and uninspired for a living. We all have so much to offer and we are all amazing artist, we just need the right tools, art is life and this is the art of life! How did u create ur life? Is it exciting or are u stuck doing some thing u despise? If ur not happy with what u have painted... Start a new image u would love to portray (NOW). This may sound like a ranting tangent and it may be...but I just want to let u know that puff paint is more than a silly kids arts and craft project, it's one of many mediums that have helped people shred the box of robot society limitations by letting people be right. The potential applications are endless, our friends come up with new skills and tricks we all conglomerate together in to a gnarled out free biter culture. If some one gets upset because some one took "their thing"... Fronxin deal wit it! Because any and all styles/trends are originated from out side influences, people build their lives/personalities based on every thing they have ever seen and related to. We are all ripping off some thing and the point is, it dose not matter, if your the didactic daredevil U claim to be, then u will just come up with some thing new. Sharing is caring, that's write I dropped it! Selfishness is what has got the world in to the squallered out state of being it is in, along side with secrets, deception, lies and ego. For our world to thrive we must teach and be open to learning, to pass on the old wisdom to the youth. So much truth and knowledge has been lost to time, so isn't it about time to share so we can get some where? Puff paint has been an amazing catalyst that has expanded my imagination and taken me so much farther than schools or jobs, it showed me paths to becoming free and completely ME!

Coming Soon ; Nick yings

And much more on the way !!! :) :) :)

Bless <3

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