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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy Dancers

The annual Candy Dance festival in Genoa came and went last month, and as usual the SNC Gallery Club was in attendance, cooking burgers to raise money for the art department. Unfortunately I had no camera (in the rush to get out the door I left it behind), but Kath McGaughey came to the rescue and documented the experience nicely; all photos are courtesy of her.

Here is Thomas demonstrating the mysterious candy dance:

Here we are getting things set up at the main grilling and prep station:

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday morning, as seen here through the open roof of the grilling area...

Which of course meant that there was a torrential downpour Saturday afternoon. With an open roof, everyone in the grilling area was pretty much soaked.

But did we despair? Of course not. Look at us. Look at this resilience to adversity.

In fact I think Thomas just danced his way through the entire festival, rain or shine:

All in all a fantastic experience, and we sold every last patty in our possession. We are just that amazing. (Or, you know, burgers are delicious.)

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