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Friday, June 3, 2011

Ben-Day Dots and Bugs

I've taken a breather from the blog in the past couple weeks, doing a bit of a wind-down -- but this summer I'll be keeping up a flow of posts, so keep your eyes peeled here. I have lots of stuff to catch up with (several BFA shows included), and lots to write about -- and here to begin to pick up the slack is a link to a post I put together for hilobrow, as part of their "4CP Friday" series. The series invites several people to curate a handful of images from John Hilgart's 4CP blog, where Hilgart posts beautiful scanned blow-ups of comics panels. The theme for my pick was "resolution." Click here to see the gallery.

And this also reminds me -- I neglected to post a link for my prior piece for hilobrow, a short appreciation of botanical/entomological illustrator Maria Sibylla Merian -- click here to read the whole thing:

"Even today, a sketch of her biography would mark her an eccentric trailblazer: a divorced woman of 52, after a stint in an anti-materialist religious commune, leaves the comforts of Amsterdam for a two-year sojourn in Surinam in order to paint insects hitherto uncataloged by science. That MARIA SIBYLLA MERIAN (1647-1717) did this in 1699 is a genuine shock..."

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