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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Some SNC alums are putting together a publication, and they're asking for submissions:

Extra Extra is a curated public collaborative: a creative laboratory for “all the Extra Extra stuff.” Extra Extra is quarterly publication whose core is an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary culture: production, art, music, new medias, science, literature, entrepreneurship and all systems thinking participating in imaginative dreaming.

Spring Issue Submissions Due Sunday April 24th 2011

Step One: Fold a regular 8 1/2” piece of paper in half, creating a tall rectangle. You can use 1 or up to 3 pages. Place the folded papers within themselves to make a mini booklet. Creating up to 12 workable surfaces, total. It is highly suggested to put the author(s) name and the title of the piece on the first page.

More info/ details here:

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