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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Logan's SNC Redesign

This has been covered pretty well on SNC's main website itself, but I wanted to at least make a brief tip of the hat to student Logan Lape's great re-design for Logan did the design for this blog and the prior iteration of the Fine Art section of the SNC site as well -- I was happy at the time at how far he pushed that beyond your typical college webpage design, which tends to be a bit staid and square. I figured he could get away with that for the Fine Art Department (you know, because we're "artsy"), but if anything, he pushed the design of even further out there. I'm glad the administration had the guts not to balk and water it down.

The redesign got a stellar rating from EDUCheckup:

SNC’s site skyrocketed to 93% and was awarded a rock solid ‘A’ when reviewed on January 11th. Lape commented how phenomenal SNC’s score was “considering Nick DeNardis gives out an average of one or two A's a month on the show.” DeNardis’s assessment criteria includes three categories—visual, information, and code and SNC’s site (97/92/90) totaled 279 out of a possible 300. He lauded the site for capturing and embedding SNC’s uniqueness into every aspect, “Too many institutions ‘follow the leader’ and end up producing design and an experience that is just like the rest. SNC made sure there was no way for people viewing the site to mistake who or what it is talking about.”

You can read the whole press release, set attractively in the pretty pretty design, here.

The EDUCheckup review is below:

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