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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last week of Faculty Show

This weekend is the final stretch of the faculty show, at the Reference Gallery on the third floor of Prim Library. I enjoyed the panel a couple weeks back. The faculty work is all over the map, I think in a good way: Mary's self-cannibalized prints, that look like distorted 50s childcare manuals; Russell's video clips and his large-format photo of two airplane models, seemingly caught in the act of mating; Rick's senseless solar-powered machinery, with their canaries stranded in their metaphorical coal mines; Sheri's multi-textured ceramic grid and her fanciful zoological abbreviation; Pan's collaged bas-relief characters; Kat's decorative handgun patterns; Stacey's origami-like pinhole camera; Erika's swirling painting (seemingly part microbe and part solar flare); Donna's monoprints (it's nice to be unaware that the music Prof can also kick out some monoprints, and then be pleasantly surprised); my own video loops with their audio tracks about eternity. It'd be hard to suss out any orthodoxy from that mess.

What I liked best about the panel was hearing the other Profs talk about how their teaching and art practice bounce off each other. Teaching certainly isn't for every artist (and there's nothing worse than a teacher who's reluctantly putting up with teaching just as a way to float their art), but for those who enjoy both modes, it's an extremely gratifying feedback loop.

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