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Monday, March 2, 2009

A camera on a sushi conveyor

Hypnotic piece of video of a camera set on a sushi conveyor. I got a link to this from a friend, Trane DeVore, who wrote:
This is one of the most beautiful bits of video I've seen for some time. Spontaneous documentary with camera motion directed by machine. Watch the whole thing. It kind of reminds me of Sokurov's Russian Ark.

It reminded me of Standish Lawder's experimental short "Necrology" (the longest clip I could find of that is set to music by Radiohead)

It's amazing how much the whole thing seems choreographed.

More on "Necrology" here. Not to make too much of it, but it's funny how "Necrology" is vertical and didactic, whereas this sushi conveyor clip is horizontal and adventurous.

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