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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Toiyabe Mountain Range Photography Excursion: Great Basin

This past Sunday the evening section of beginning photography made an excursion into the Great Basin. We ended up in the upper portion of the Toiyabe mountain range running south of the small rural town Austin. These mountains top out at over 10,000 ft. There are a number of mountain ranges in this area of central Nevada that catch a good deal of snow and are higher than portions of the Toiyabe range (although these ranges do not get quite as much as the Rubies in north-central Nevada). It is possible to travel for hours on gravel and dirt roads in this area and at times cross paths with few if any other travelers.

I did manage to get some video footage on the approach to the canyon we ended up in that I may be able to use. With my camera on the dash and the lense telephotographing the approach there is sense of being floated over the entrance rather than pulling the distance into the viewer. I slightly under-exposed the footage at this point, but i may be able to pull something out of it.

The students will be printing images from the excursion for their final prints.


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